History St Margaret

The third and present St Margaret Church is combined with the Thornbury Centre and was opened in March 1999 at a cost of £2 million, with £1.19 million funding from the Millennium Commission. 

A more traditional stone building was home to the worshipping community from 1912 until 1991 when cracks started to appear in the chancel arch. Within a week the building was declared unsafe and the congregation was forced to move into the church hall. There was little choice but to demolish the original Church building and start afresh.

With vision and commitment, the congregation of St. Margaret made plans to build a new church and community centre. The award winning Thornbury Centre continues to be a statement of belief and hope for the future.

The story of St Margaret and The Thornbury Centre is depicted in a large textile hanging in the St. Margaret Hall.

The internal "street" enables the building to be naturally lit and ventilated and allows users to easily navigate themselves around the building.

The project team worked closely with the client to achieve a welcoming, user friendly centre that is used by a variety of different religious groups from the surrounding area. 

From 1864 until 1912 the congregation worshipped on Lower Rushton Road in a buildng that was subsequently used as a social club known as Crofts Hall and is now a mosque





St Margaret Church Old Building