Reiki at St James

Mind , Body, Spirit

Reiki for Health, Well-being and Relaxation

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese complimentary medicine based on the channeling of the body’s energy via touch to provide relaxation, a feeling of well-being , and an aid to natural recuperative processes.


Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medicine or medical care provided by a GP but a technique which is complementary  to medical care. Reiki is safe for everyone.

The Reiki Treatment

Treatments are given fully clothed and hands are place on or above the body to deliver reiki to the required area.


Reicki training is provided on a regular basis and instruction is given for all levels I to IV with on-going support at monthly meetings.

For further details regarding meeting at St James contact Jean Stead Mob 07475 011246 or e mail