Easter Event 2018

Another first for St James.  Our Easter Children’s Holiday Club.

April 5th and 6th 2018 saw the conversion of St James Church to  avenue for the Champions Challenge. Fun for all children of primary school age.

The first day started with breakfast in the hall for children and their parents to enable them to meet the leaders who would be looking after their children for the next two days.

All sustained the parents left us and the children all met with Fr Robert in the church for an introduction to the event  and an explanation that they are working in groups and the objective is to gain points for your group not personally. The children were introduced to the theme song of the event and then split into their four groups to partake in the activities.

Groups moved from station to station throughout each day , taking part in sports, gym, craft and dance activities, geared to each age group.

Meanwhile while the group captains were having fun!

Our trusty catering team were beavering away in the kitchen preparing a cooked meal for all attendees, leaders and helper

Day 2 continued in a similar pattern with a cooked breakfast for everyone

More activities in their groups with their group captains.

Then into the hall for the results of the groups activities and a grand farewell.

Everyone enjoyed the two days and made new friends.

The event was hard work but the final session with all the children and leaders singing the team song together made all those involved glad that we had tried something different.

If you asked will we do it again.  I am sure all those involved will say a very loud YES!