Muslim Community Friday Prayer in St James Parish Hall

From 22nd June the community of St James the Great will be offering hospitality to some members of the local Muslim Community in the Parish Hall

On Fridays, from 12:30 until 14:30, a local Imam will be leading members of his community in prayer.

Fr Nicholas Clews, the Vicar of Woodhall and Waterloo commented, ‘We received the  request a few months ago.  There are many Muslim people in our community and, like us, they would prefer to be able to worship locally. Since there is no mosque in the community they asked if they could use our hall.  We wanted to be welcoming and, after consulting the Bishop of Bradford, came to an agreement that we are all happy with.’

As well as the main Friday Prayers, a smaller group will be meeting to pray in the Meeting Room on a daily basis every evening.