February Holiday Club


February 18th and 19th saw St James Church and Hall converted to the Lions’ den .

With Daniel leading, the prides of lions , lion tamers , feeding stations supervisors  and lots of lions

Everyone joined in the fun, children and adults alike.

Day 1 started with a friendly breakfast for the children and their parents , an opportunity to meet all those involved and then all the lions gathered in church to meet Daniel ( alias Fr Nicholas) who related   the story of Daniel, with lots of sound effects and plenty of roaring!

Lions divided into prides and each pride with their Pride Champion to take part in the activities, making lion masks with Hadiya, performing lion dances with Heather or acting a play about Daniel with Vinay or just burning of excess energy in the lions arena with Tom.

 Day 1 continued after lunch with further activities and everyone working hard to win pegs for their team ” Pegs means prizes” .

Day 2 and ready to start again with a hot breakfast  and a catch up with Daniel to review what had happened on Day 1 and what was happening today.

Another day full of activities with the construction of the lion’s head with everyone “lending a hand” to make his mane.

Everyone got involved with our lion , a real team effort.

At the end of the 2 days everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the green team had earned the most pegs, the lion was finished and new friendships had been made.

As the “lions” left us with their parents they all wanted to know when the next event would be!

We would like to express our thanks to Leeds City Council and Inn Churches for their support with this event and to our, lion tamers , Baby Ballet Bradford ( Heather)  Kids Coaching UK ( Tom) Vinay  and Hadiya both students at Bradford college and all members of the congregation of St James who prepared and served the meals and moved the furniture and cleaned after the event.