January Who welcomed whom  Hearing Voices  Water into wine Authority
 February  Wisdom  Transfiguration  The Rainbow Wealth Choice
 March  Strangers and Hospitality Christ Exalted Love and Sacrifice Holy Oils  Remembering
 Peter; Pilate  Baptism  Resurrection
 April  Resurrection  Witnesses(S James)  Witnesses (St Margaret)



January How do we know? Matthew’s Christmass story Jesus’ Baptism Jesus’ Baptism
Unity and Diversity Time. talents and money
February Stewardship: Talents Stewardship: Money
March Adam and Eve The Man Born Blind
April The Sacraments – Baptism The Sacraments –  Eucharist Peter Pilate
Resurrection Body
May Gate of the Sheepfold Living Stones To an Unknown God Don’t look back in anger
June Holy Trinity The Grain and Grape Reproach and derision Jesus the High Priest
 July The Rain and the Snow St Margaret
 September Liberal Catholic 1 Liberal Catholic 2 Forgiveness
 October  The Vineyard
November Remembering  Kingdom of Heaven
 December  Last Judgement  Joy


January H2O The Epiphany Baptism and the Holy Spirit Water into wine
February Satan Jerusalem Bearing Fruit
March The Lost Son Judas
Holy Week The Authority of the Bible The Authority of Jesus The Authority of the Holy Spirit  Washing and Eating 
I am a Muslim Pilate Baptism  Resurrection 
 April My sheep hear my voice
May The Holy Spirit Vision This is my body International Cuisine 
 June  Authority The Referendum
 July Beginning and End  Deacons
 August Faith of Abraham War, death and prayer 
 September  Onesimus Sinners and Tax Collectors The Dishonest Steward
 October The Gospel Perseverance in Prayer 
 November  Resurrection Christ the King Judgement
 December Jesus in the Old Testament Rejoice! Peace and Goodwill