St Margaret Sunday Rota   November, December 2017 and January 2018

Date Priest Inter
Eucharist Sides Coffee Cashiers
10/12/17 Fr R Dennis Tema Lynn C Dennis Phil Ruth Pauline Fenella Pauline Ruth
17/12/17 Fr N Fr N Lynne J Bill Dennis Fenella Irene Peter Lynne J Ann Lynn
24/12/17 Fr R Lynne J Dennis Marie Bill Lynn C Dennis Ruth Sandra Lynne
31/12/17 Fr P Green Dennis Lynn C Tema Marlene Dennis Pauline Irene Fenella Marlene


07/01/18 Fr R Fr R Bill Dennis Fenella Ruth Peter Pauline Ruth Pauline Ann
14/01/18 Fr N Lynne J Tema Lynn C Phil Bill Irene Dennis Pauline Lynne Ann
21/01/18 Fr R Dennis Lynne J Marie Lynn C Marlene Irene Peter Lynne J Marlene Lynn
28/01/18 Fr N Fr N Dennis Tema Dennis Fenella Dennis Ruth Fenella Ruth Lynn
04/02/18 Fr R Lynne J Lynn C Lynne J Marlene Phil Pauline Irene Sandra Lynne Ann

 St James the Great Rota  January, February,March 2018

Date Servers Chalice Intercess Page Reading 1 Reading 2 Sides/Warden Welcomer Coffee
07/01/18  BF AH JT  PP MH M Hayes 38 M Clayton R Groves S Firth/ M Hayes E Milner/ P Pittman
14/01/18  BF Marcus JT  JH BF L Johnson 465 E Milner S Firth S Firth/ E Milner B Towers/ B Walker
21/01/18 BF Aleela JT  JT MC S Firth 471 R Kettle A Longbottom S Firth/ B Walker P Elliott/ A Hawcroft
28/01/18  BF ST JT  MH JH J Hemingway 476 M Hayes P Pittman S Firth/ P Pittman A Prince/M Hayes


BF JT  BF JT Mass Event 60 Mass Event Mass Event S Firth/ M Hayes N/A
04/02/18  BF Marcus JT  MC PP Fr N 493 S Firth J Hemingway S Firth A Longbottom E Milner/ P Pittman
11/02/18  BF AH JT  MH BF Fr R 500 L Johnson E Milner S Firth/K Foster B Towers/ B Walker

Ash Wednesday

 JT Fr R  197 N/A
18/02/18  BF ST  BF JH M Hayes 507 J Tinker B Walker S Firth P Parker P Elliott/ A Hawcroft
25/02/18  JT Marcus  JT PP S Firth 510 R Groves M Clayton S Firth/R Groves A Prince/M Hayes
04/03/18  BF Aleela  MC BF L Johnson 514 J Hemingway R Kettle S Firth L Johnson E Milner/ P Pittman
11/03/18  JT ST  JT MH S Firth 522 A Longbottom S Firth S Firth A Prince B Towers/ B Walker
18/03/18 BF Marcus  JN MH J Hemingway 125 J Tinker L Johnson S Firth/ K Foster P Elliott/ A Hawcroft
25/03/18 BF JT  BF JT Mass Event 522 Mass Event Mass Event A Longbottom A Prince/M Hayes

Easter Eve

 BF AH JT  JT PP Fr R 180 S Firth L Johnson N/A